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Guruvayur Events is one of the most famous event management company in Kerala. We are specialised in Marriage Booking, Event Management, Room Reservation, Decorations, Guruvayur Tourism, Real Estate, Transportation and Homestay.

In a solo writing, we are self defining us as a single window for all your needs in Gurupavanapuri. Since our services are diversified, we are perceived among devotees of Guruvayoorappan in quite different ways. We are heavily expressed as one stop place for whole amenities, distinct solution bringers for events, particular customer caretakers, and holistic service providers in Guruvayoor. Whatever it may be need or choice in Guruvayoor, we are ready here to undertake any kind of order.
  Our service ranges from your need for room reservation to mega-events in Guruvayoor. A dialing from you to our front office is sufficient for actualizing any requirements, suggestions, directions and thoughts at Guruvayoor. Dealing any endeavors related to your accommodations, traveling, offerings and all other occasions in Guruvayoor will be handled with very concern, confidence and result. Just remember our ten digit contact number for an easy access in Guruvayoor.

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We will arrange both A/c and non A/c rooms with various premium features and top quality service for you as on request.


Guruvayur Events arranged best transportation in all functions and tours. we offered wonderful tour packages in guruvayur.


A beautiful stage decorated with flowers like orchid, roses, gerberas and marigold is one of the other...


Guruvayoor tourism & travel guide with must see places, best hangout places in Guruvayoor Kerala


We can arrange you the venue for the wedding ceremony with luxurious facilities as well.

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Guruvayur Events

Guruvayur Devaswom Vyjayanthi Building,
East Nada, Guruvayur - 680101

Ph: +91 9447995083
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